Skyline Retro Travel Trailers

Looking At The Beauty Of Vacationing In Skyline Retro Travel Trailers

There are many different ways to travel and see the country, and while some people love the idea of the big modern recreational vehicles (RVs), they’re not nearly so keen on the idea of driving a vehicle that large and hard to drive/wield or the huge price tag that comes with the largest and most modern designs of these vehicles. In these situations one of the best options is often to go with a retro travel trailer. There’s a reason why they were so popular when they first came out, why they led to bigger and “better” modern versions, and why they are becoming popular once again.

There’s a lot to love about the old style look of the Skyline, which includes interior wood work that really creates the feeling of having a portable home as opposed to just traveling. A small oven, fridge, and sink area means you have plenty of options when it comes to cooking, as well as areas to sit, lounge, and you can always pull out some folding chairs and kick it around a campfire outside.

The style and sturdy construction of a Skyline helps explain why it is such a popular retro model for renovation and restoration.

Pros to owning/using Skyline Retro travel trailers:
– Cheaper than staying long-term at cabins with more freedom of movement
– Beautiful interior that really stands out from the competition
– Great as a guest house
– The ability to camp long term in one area with far more facilities than tent camping allows

Cons to owning/using Skyline Retro travel trailers:
– You need a big car or big vehicle that can handle the towing weight
– There are maintenance fees and concerns – upkeep is extremely important
– Driving can be tricky early on
– There can be occasional “bottom outs” coming out of places like gas stations, wearing on the life of the vehicle and travel trailer

These are short lists and as always when it comes to traveling and camping, different people are going to have different needs, levels of comfort, or feelings when it comes to camping, traveling, and more. The Skyline line of retro trailers really hold up especially when they are well maintained. These do require a certain level of upkeep to make sure they stay in absolutely impeccable shape. If you’re willing to put in the work, it can definitely be worth it!

Enjoy Getting On The Road!
There are few experiences that can be as incredible and life changing as a great cross country road trip. Every single day offers new opportunities and adventures, and choosing to get out on the road using Skyline Retro travel trailers is a great way to have the comforts of home while enjoying the adventures of traveling on the road.

While there are pros and cons to every form of traveling, and every type of travel trailer out there, there’s very little question that Skyline Retro travel trailers have far more pros than cons.